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Natural trees VS Artificial trees :  Which type of Christmas tree is best for your needs?

Natural Trees

There is nothing like the scent of a fresh Christmas tree to trigger the magical scent of Christmas. You can create a special memory of cutting down your own Christmas tree or purchase a tree that is already cut. Most fresh, natural trees, that are watered regularly, tend to last about 4-5 weeks before fully drying out. When purchasing a tree, comb through the branches and see if needles fall off and bend the branches. Also take the tree and tap the tree trunk on the ground a few times to see if needles fall off. You want to avoid drying out trees where the tree branches are not pliable, bending easily, and brittle needles are falling. Don’t be afraid to ask tree sellers to find you the freshest cut tree. Ask the tree sellers to cut at least an inch from the bottom of the tree trunk to allow water to be drawn up. Also ask them to help you tie the tree to your car. At home, twice a day, check to see that the water level of the trunk is covered by a minimum of an inch and a half of water. Be sure to take down the natural tree before it dries out. We recommend positioning a Christmas tree disposable bag under the tree for easy removal to the trash and cleanup.

Artificial Trees

For families with allergies, we recommend an artificial tree. There are many benefits with an artificial tree, which includes the following:

You can put your Christmas tree up early and take it down late.

In the end, it will save you time and money; you won’t have to purchase and pick out a       brand new natural tree year after year.

Today’s tech savvy Christmas trees come pre-lit, and some can alter between warm white       lights and multi color, to suit your different decorating themes each year.

Many artificial tree appear realistic, and some Christmas trees come with flocking (a white       coating on branches), which sets the tone for a winter wonderland theme.

A big plus is that you don’t have to worry about watering the tree, needles falling on the       floor, or a dry tree causing a fire hazard.

Additionally, today’s trees come in three parts for easy assembly and storage.

You can purchase items separately to give you a pine scent whenever you wish.


Be sure to look around and find the right size tree for your space, and leave a minimum of 12 inches from the ceiling for the tree topper. Some artificial trees are expensive, but you can buy them for a lot less right after Christmas, and get a great deal. Remember, a Christmas tree is an investment that will last a very long time, so select one you really like. However, LI Tree Toppers can make an inexpensive tree look spectacular. If you are tight on space, consider purchasing a Pencil Pine Christmas tree. You may want to purchase two Pencil Pine Christmas trees to flank each side of a fireplace or bar area. There are so many different types of trees to select, but always try to stay within your budget.

The Benefit of LED Lights

LED lights can use as little as 1/6 the power of conventional incandescent light bulbs, which will lower your monthly electric bill. Furthermore, LED lights generate much less heat and they last longer than your traditional bulb. When using a natural tree it may also be  better to us LED lighting due to the lower heat emitted. However, LED can be more expensive, but worth the investment. LED lights lasts longer (some can last as long as 5 years – 50,000 hours of use), consume less power, and emit less heat.

Lighting: Parallel vs Series

In general, it’s best to purchase lights that are placed in a parallel configuration. This means that if one light goes out, the entire tree or section of the tree will remain lit. Whenever possible, avoid series lighting since one outage will cause the entire string of lights to go out. You’ll find yourself searching for that one bulb that is the culprit.  Additionally, if you have LED lightning there is less of a chance for a single light bulb to go out since they last longer.

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